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The Database of Eurasian Phonological Inventories (EURPhon) is a resource devoted to collection and analysis of information on segmental inventories of Eurasian languages. It was initially created and has since been maintained by Dmitry Nikolaev, but many people contributed data on individual languages. At an early stage, it was supported by a grant from the Foundation for Fundamental Research in Linguistics, and the work on it was greatly boosted by Dmitry’s research visit to the Department of Linguistitcs at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig.

The data from EURPhon are now also curated in PHOIBLE, so it does not provide additional coverage. It does, however, provide a more powerful interface, both in terms of the presentation of raw data (e.g., cf. the inventory of Kami Tibetan as shown in PHOIBLE and here) and of search capabilities.

The early version of the database, which is no longer supported, was presented in this paper. Please kindly cite it with an updated URL for this version as well.